New York


As a way to experience new horizons and discover new cultures, we were asked to perform a semester abroad as part of our studies. The choice of the destination was for us to choose and since I’d never been in North America I figured it would be a truly great opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine.

You see it on television, in the movies in the cinema, or even hear about it in the songs on the radio thanks to Sinatra or even Kanye, and it has been described as the city that never sleeps (which is true).

That sparkling city is none other than New York, with approximately 22.82mi2 to explore and more than 2 millions inhabitants to meet, time was of the essence.

Equipped only with my iPhone and sometimes a borrowed DSLR I tried to capture what transpired of this experience with a sense of detail that only black and white can capture.

© Tom Marchand — 2022